*video specification*
We're creating high-key video footage that can also be transformed into motion graphics. The image set below is some reference for the final look as well as a motion graphic transformation demo with hands.
We intend to have the video shot at high-speed for slow-motion playback to showcase intricate details and moments.
We'd love to capture some sense of personality, it can be expressed through portraiture, outfit, props, posing, dance, etc...maybe a casual or work outfit to show one living the double life with Tango. One technical specification would be to have one outfit that is as "all-black" as possible, it is to enure the best result for the visual effect.
All in all we'd like to capture what you'd like to share so, lets talk and see how we do!

Speces, effects and elements:
1. Stable diffusion > anime style, sand coffee clay stop motion, picture like.
2. Personal story > day job, daily life for characters.
3. Shadertoy > ballPointSketch
4. Genre > Tango.
5. Length > 1:00-1:30.
6. Find story, purpose, obsession to support the pictures.

Production quote:
Distributing production budget.
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