The server of Drift City Taiwan has been terminated on the first of June 2018. 
These footage were planned and shot one month before the termination,
as I revisited the game for the first time after high school.
Hope you enjoy this little ride down my memory lane. 
Farewell, Drift City. 

Key notes >
Programming > 
The game was modified for customized camera angles and clean view-port for capture.
Location scouting > 
An exploration in the digital world was required as the light and weather control wasn't accessible.​​​​​​​
Camera limitation >
An undampened pov fixed to the vehicle was the main manipulable camera that was accessible.​​​​​​​
Retouching >
Remove or fix the unwanted visuals defects in the game; fabricate shadows and reflections to connect shots from one to another.​​​​​​​

By revealing the locations in the order of the progression of the game, accompanied by the final soundtrack played as the missions comes to an end.​
This tribute short intent to capture a Drift City player's sentiment, looking back to the very start from the very end of the game.
< Programming >
< Location scouting >

< Camera limitation >

< Retouching >
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